Poderoso se alza en my




All music written & performed by PYLAR.
Recorded at La Mina Studios 2013, Sevilla
Mixed & Mastered by Raúl Pérez al La Mina Studios.

Front cover by Gamaheo
Design by El Señor Gómez & Srta. Swallow.




released November 1, 2013

Uno de los lanzamientos más esperados de este año. Se trata de "Poderoso se alza en my", el primer disco de PYLAR, ese incalificable colectivo que encubre sus personalidades bajo máscaras y toma su inspiración de la alquimia, las religiones antiguas y las ciencias ocultas. PYLAR está formado por varios hierofantes, chamanes y druidas, entre los que se dice hay miembros de los poderosos Orthodox y de los portentosos Blooming Látigo. En sus actuaciones se mezclan cantos, danzas e invocaciones en ceremonias llevadas a cabo en lugares de poder con el objetivo de despertar las fuerzas telúricas que yacen dormidas desde los Tiempos Remotos.

PODEROSO SE ALZA EN MY es su primer álbum, editado por Knockturne Records el 1 de noviembre de 2013. Los 7 extensos temas que lo componen representan un desafío para el oyente: PYLAR pretende hacer música donde esta sea un portal para acceder a otras realidades, donde la palabra es poder y la repetición de textos sagrados nos permite oír la gloriosa Música de las Esferas. Guitarras demoledoras y circulares, vientos y voces de otros planos, tambores chamánicos, juntos invocando los ecos del abismo de los tiempos, la música que permanece en lo más profundo de la memoria.


Our new release is "Poderoso se alza en my", first recording of the Spanish collective PYLAR. Already famous for their performances, on stage they disguise themselves with masks and robes, their lyrics and mise-en-scène are heavily based on alchemy, ancient religions and occultism, and their music is a pandemonic collage of noise, free improv, ritual chants and extreme metal. PYLAR is formed by several hierophants, shamans, and druids and among them there might be members of other bands like the mighty Orthodox and the outstanding Blooming Látigo. In their performances, which are much more like ceremonies they call upon tellurian forces by means of song, dance and ancient invocations.

PODEROSO SE ALZA EN MY is their debut album, released by Knockturne Records on November 1st 2013. It features 7 extended themes that represent a real challenge for the listener: PYLAR creates not only music but a gateway for you to enter other realities, where spoken word is power and the repetition of Sacred-Texts will call upon you to listen to the oldest music of the universe, the glorious music of the Spheres. Their guitars are like circular demolition echoes and there are hums of wind and background voices, shamanic drums invoking the sound of the abyss of time performing music that it’s older than memory itself.


"Righty ho, let’s get over to the December Reviews Section, where Pole Position goes to PODEROSO SE ALZA EN MY by Spain’s epic quartet Pylar. Kiddies, if you have one CD’s worth of cash spare this X-Mass, make this your only goal. For this magnificent record – released on the superb Knockturne label (www.knockturnerecords.com) – brought me close to resurrecting my old Album of the Month! That good? Yup, THAT good! Exhibiting that same vast Mithraic sense of ritual that made the Orthodox debut so incredible, PODEROSO SE ALZA EN MY moves through such a deft series of Mediterranean moves that it seems to me that Pylar have left any northern rock consciousness behind. Instead, Pylar inhabit a soundscape closer to Japanese or even Chinese performance music. Monkish vocals, demonic vocals, shamanic dervish vocals: but always vocals lie at the heart of their sound. Yes, there are seven tracks. But as each segues seamlessly into the next, the effect is as fluid and complete as The Residents’ epic ESKIMO, though about five times better. Bravo gentlemen! Superb and essential!"



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