Der Fliegende Holländer

by Orthodox

El aullador 05:36
Templos 09:01


Marco Serrato: Double Bass
Ricardo Jiménez: Guitar
Borja Díaz: Drums
David Cordero: Laptop & Effects in "El aullador"

All music written & performed by Orthodox
Produced by Knockturne Records

Recorded live at "Der Fliegende Holländer"
16/11/2012, Sevilla
Mixed & Mastered by David Cordero at Knockturne Studios
Cover Photo by Marco Serrato.
Design by El Señor Gómez & Srta. Swallow.

KTR002 Cassette

Cassette SOLD OUT


released March 11, 2013

Este trío no necesita presentación: una de las mejores bandas que han salido de España en los últimos tiempos. Esta nueva grabación de los “avant-doomsters” fue realizada durante el concierto que dieron en la sala Der Fliegende Holländer en noviembre de 2012. Tres temas en directo que recogen la cara más intimista y experimental de la banda, alejándose de los cánones establecidos y buscando su propio camino. Este nuevo cassette, limitado a 100 copias numeradas a mano y firmadas por la propia banda, contiene una nueva canción, El Aullador, donde se refleja una continuación de Ábrase la Tierra de su último disco ‘Baal’ y que ha contado con la colaboración de David Cordero (Jacob, Úrsula). También incluye los ya conocidos Con Sangre de Quien te Ofenda y Templos de su disco ‘Amanecer en Puerta Oscura’.

This power trio doesn’t need any introduction: one of the best Spanish bands of recent times. This new release from the “avant-doomsters” was recorded during a show at Der Fliegende Holländer venue in november 2012. Three live songs that show the deepest and the most experimental side of the band, far away from accepted standard and searching their own way. This new cassette is limited to 100 hand numbered copies signed by the band. It contains a new and exclusive song, El Aullador, with the collaboration of David Cordero (Jacob, Úrsula) which follows Ábrase la Tierra from their last album ‘Baal’ and includes two well-known songs Con Sangre de Quien te Ofenda and Templos, from their second album ‘Amanecer en Puerta Oscura’

First place in this month’s Reviews Section goes to those three True Practitioners of Spain’s Orthodox, whose new live cassette album DER FLIEGENDE HOLLANDER represents these motherfuckers better even than KISS ALIVE captured the Gene & Co. I’ll tell you this, brothers’n’sisters, I’ve never before seen such a specific and long term rock’n’roll programme enacted as that one currently being laid out for us by Messrs. Serrato, Jiménez and Díaz. They’ve always been way ahead of my predictions, and then some. Marco Serrato’s solo projects and collaborations are often as essential as the main act, and even his sorties into free doublebass produce always genuinely spectacular outbursts. Released on the new Knockturne Records label, Orthodox are joined occasionally on synthesizers and laptops played by Serrato’s collaborator David Cordero. But the overall effect of this Seville concert is of a band at the peak of their powers, not unlike Can in many ways. For although these dazzlers could easily turn their hand to Olympian displays, they’re never dextrous for dexterity’s sake, always playing harder and harder and ever ready to unleash Venom’s ‘At War With Satan’, should that unlikely need arise.


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Knockturne Records Sevilla, Spain

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